Modern visualization environment for industrial automation

SCADA "ARGUS" displays and archives process parameters, as well as provides information interaction with related systems and systems of higher level of management

Argus allows you to work simultaneously with several types of technological equipment

Argus also operates under the Astra Linux operating system

More than 10,000 Argus complexes are in operation at such facilities as gas pumping units, compressor shops and stations, power plants, power facilities, power supply, water supply, sanitation and water treatment facilities, etc.
SCADA "ARGUS" ensures the implementation of the following tasks
  • Organization of human-machine interface
    Contains a library set of mnemnemosis elements for all common types of technological equipment - cranes, gate valves, dampers, pumps, fans, etc.
  • Data exchange with ACS of technological facilities
    UDP, OPC DA, MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU protocols, etc. are supported.
    Number of tags - 500,000 or more
  • Real-time information processing
    It is possible to exchange with controllers with a cycle of 10 ms or more
  • Maintaining a database with archived information about the operation of technological equipment in real time
    Archiving with a cycle of 10 ms, long-term archiving (1 year or more), event archiving (start, stop, custom archives, etc.) is supported.

    Backup speed - at least 150,000 tags per second
  • Generation of reports on operating modes of technological equipment
    Configurable shift statements, daily statements, etc.
The appearance of mnological schemes depends on the composition of the specific technological facility and the wishes and requirements of the Customer
A detailed description of working with the Argus software package can be found here

Hardware and software requirements, a description of the process of installing the software package are given in this document

Issues related to maintaining the life cycle of the Argus PC are covered in the document at the link