Automatic fire & gas control systems

Automatic fire & gas control systems (FGS) collect information from fire detectors, signaling devices, limit switches, gas control sensors and automatically issue commands to control warning devices and evacuation control in case of fire, fire extinguishing and smoke removal installations, engineering and technological equipment, pumps, etc.

Пожарный контроллер
Separate FGSs are used to ensure fire and gas safety of local technological facilities (aggregates, installations and units, control rooms, hardware and other premises in office buildings, etc.)

The combination of several FGSs is the basis of an automated fire alarm system, gas control and fire extinguishing (ASPS, short circuit and fire extinguishing system) of the technological facility as a whole

JSC "NPF "System-Service" certified four modifications of FGSs based on various software and hardware at the Customer's choice

Regardless of the hardware used, FGSs are completely unified in terms of architectural solutions and software base with the basic lines of automation systems MSCU 5000 и MSCU 6000