Motor control center and power distribution devices

MCC are designed for input and distribution of power supply to electrical consumers and control of electric receivers
MCC carry out the input and distribution of power to electric receivers from independent inputs of three-phase 380/220 VAC, 50 Hz and 220 VDC and 24 VDC voltage sources , while switching between the main and backup power sources with symmetrical voltage drop, asymmetric voltage and voltage loss in one, two or three phases is performed automatically
MCC perform the functions of protection and control of electric receivers, including smooth start and stop of motors of actuators
MCC provides control in three modes:
• automatic – by the ACS commands
• manual – by the manual control panels on the cabinet doors
• local – by the manual control panels near the mechanisms

MCC carry out signaling of working out of control commands of electric receivers and their operating modes, as well as signaling of their condition. Also, the MCC performs control of power supply voltage parameters, including monitoring of the current and voltage values of the three-phase 380/220 VAC, 50 Hz power supply, monitoring of the phase misalignment of the three-phase 380/220 VAC, 50 Hz power supply, monitoring of DC currents and voltages (220 VDC, 24 VDC), monitoring of leakage currents on the housing of DC supply voltage circuits

An essential feature of the MCC is their information interaction with the ACS via digital data transmission channels. This makes it possible to reduce the volume of cable connections between devices to one information cable and several redundant physical lines, ensure maximum factory readiness of the MCC, minimize the labor intensity of installation and commissioning work at the facility
Structurally MCC are made in cabinet, multi-cabinet, modular-cell or panel design with stationary installation of elements. When designing the MCC, a modular principle is used, which makes it possible to reduce the production time and implement the function of replacing a faulty drive as a whole without disabling the other drives in this product. The module to be replaced is supplied as a spare part
JSC "NPF "System-Service" has been mass-producing MCC since 2003. To date, more than 2000 devices have been put into operation and are in operation, industry acceptance tests have been carried out by PJSC "Gazprom", and a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping has been received